FINTERDIS – Finnish Interdisciplinary Society


FINTERDIS – Finnish Interdisciplinary Society is an academic society founded on October 4, 2018, which supports interdisciplinary research and teaching in Finland as well as internationally. FINTERDIS aims to support especially early-career researchers (below Title of Docent level) and students in their efforts to combine diverse fields and approaches, while collaborating with more advanced scholars with interdisciplinary interests. FINTERDIS is a registered, autonomous society, whose sphere of operations encompasses the whole country of Finland. We make effort to collaborate with as many Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences as possible. We also collaborate with the U.S.-based international Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS).

The goal of FINTERDIS is that early-career researchers and students would have better and more equal opportunities for independent creative thought and a right to cross boundaries even on radical basis. FINTERDIS also introduces different practices related to interdisciplinarity from different countries  to the Finnish context and vice versa and promotes the internationalization of Finnish scholars.

FINTERDIS is open to all students, reseachers and teachers affiliated with Finnish universities regardless of career stage or specialization. Please join us in the activities of FINTERDIS!

Guinea Pigs Crossing a Bridge: Image by Hayes Roberts/bluebison
Guinea Pigs Crossing a Bridge: Image by Hayes Roberts/bluebison