FINTERDIS – Suomen Tieteidenvälinen Seura ry:n vuosikokous 27.5. klo 17 alkaen

KUTSU VUOSIKOKOUKSEEN JA SEN JÄLKEISEEN VERKOSTOINTITAPAHTUMAAN. Kokous ja tapahtuma järjestetään virtuaalisesti. Tapahtumien kieli on englanti.

FINTERDIS GENERAL MEETING & Happy Hour May 27, 2021 at 17:00-19:30


  1. Opening of the Meeting
  2. Organization of the Meeting: Electing president and secretary of the meeting as well as scrutinizers of the minutes and counters of votes
  3. Quorum of the meeting
  4. Presenting the annual report and the Inspector’s report 2020
  5. Approving the annual audit and discharging members of the Board of Directors from liability
  6. Approving the program plan and annual membership dues
  7. Election of the board of directors 2021-22
  8. Election of an activity inspector and vice-inspector
  9. Other issues
    1. Review of new potential collaborations and goals in Finland and internationally
    2. Review of relevant issues affecting early-career ID-TD scholars in Finland and what FINTERDIS & its collaborators should do about these issues
    3. Publications and communications
  10. Closing of the meeting

The FINTERDIS General Meeting is to be followed by a Happy Hour (informal virtual networking event) starting approximately at 18:30-19:30.

Registration for the General Meeting and/or Happy Hour by May 26 here. All the registered participants will receive the Zoom link in the morning of the day of the Meeting.

If you would like to form part of the new board of directors, please contact with us in advance via the registration form and/or by sending an email to

Call for research groups to participate in a study on emotions and values connected to multidisciplinary grant application processes

Dear fellow researchers,

I am looking for research groups that are willing to participate in a social psychological study that focuses on emotions and values (affects) connected to multidisciplinary grant application processes and social interaction that takes place when applying for project funding in Finnish universities. By participating, you are enabling the collection of valuable data as well as the formation of new knowledge regarding research funding and multidisciplinary collaboration.  

The participants of the study give their consent to research use of video and voice recordings of their project meetings during a grant application process that aims towards a certain funding call. The data is collected during years 2021–2022. The recording and possible file delivery process do not require much extra work from the participants. The recording arrangements will discussed together beforehand and the researcher is responsible for the provision of recording equipment as well as possible instructions regarding their use in case the meetings are arranged face-to-face. Complementary information can be inquired from the participants regarding the context of the meetings and the background of the project in the form of a questionnaire sent to the participants near the end if the funding application process (response time max 10 minutes) and via email messages or in connection with meetings where the researcher is present.  

The data is handled confidentially, and it is presented in publications so that the participants cannot be recognised from the data clips. Confidential matters concerning the participants or the project will not be presented in publications.  

The study is part of a doctoral dissertation, the main supervisor of which is Adjunct Professor and Research Director Oili-Helena Ylijoki from Tampere University. The study is funded by Kone Foundation (Academic Affects project until 6/2021) and The Finnish Cultural Foundation (personal three-year research grant between 7/2021–6/2024).  

I welcome inquiries regarding the study and participation to it via email to the address We can also agree upon a Teams or Zoom call to further discuss matters related to the study.

Kind Regards,

Elisa Kurtti

Doctoral Researcher, Tampere University 

Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (TaSTI)
Involved in TAU’s Science Studies Group and Encounters research group that focuses on studying human social interaction  

HS: Tieteidenvälinen tutkimus voi olla riski nuorten tutkijoiden akateemiselle uralle

Mikko Salmela ja Kirsi Cheas kirjoittavat Helsingin Sanomissa, miten nykyinen tiedepolitiikka hukkaa tieteidenvälisesti suuntautuneiden nuorten tutkijoiden potentiaalin.

”Tieteen edellytysten vahvistaminen vaatii siten huomion kiinnittämistä tieteidenvälisesti suuntautuneiden nuorten tutkijoiden tieteellisen uran haasteisiin, jotta heidän potentiaaliaan nousta ’huippututkijoiksi’ ei enää hukattaisi. Vasta, kun tieteidenvälisiä tutkijoita kuullaan tasavertaisesti eri tieteenalojen edustajien kanssa, voidaan puhua laaja-alaisesta dialogista, jossa laadukkaan tutkimuksen edellytyksiä voidaan luotettavasti selvittää.”

Lue aiheeseen liittyen myös Mikko Niemelän kirjoitus Helsingin yliopiston tieteentekijöiden blogissa.