As a member of FINTERDIS you get to participate in the Society’s activities as well as participate in the planning process – our Society also provides you with a chance to network with other interdisciplinarists in Finland as well as internationally! Our members will have privilege as to event participation and will receive a membership discount in activities that are subject to charge.

FINTERDIS’s membership is open to all students and researchers affiliated with Finnish universities regardless of academic field or career stage. We also warmly welcome Finnish alumni and researchers who have completed their degrees abroad. 

FINTERDIS has an annual membership fee which is determined by the Board. In 2019, membership fees are: Students, 10€/year; early-career researchers, 20€/year; researchers at advanced stage, 30€ a year. The fee will be determined by the member him/herself depending on which category (s)he relates the most with, based on income and life situation. For instance, a doctoral candidate with the early-career researcher category, but should (s)he not have a research grant, (s)he can pay the student fee. The funds from membership fees will be used to support the activities of FINTERDIS.

If you want to join FINTERDIS as a member, please get in touch with us either by email (info(at) or through the “Contact” page. Please include your name and contact information. We would also be happy to hear about your background, your goals, and what kind of impact you wish to have as a member of FINTERDIS and your expertations as to FINTERDIS.

Bank connection: Helsingin Osuuspankki, account no. FI87 5723 8120 2398 58

Recipient: FINTERDIS – The Finnish Interdisciplinary Society

Fee categories:

10€ (students, doctoral students, reference 1012)

20€ (post-doc, reference 1025)

30€ (senior, reference 1038)

Other support for Finterdis, reference 1041